The Paper Cup Party is a party of progressivism just as much as the other party is

I was thinking about the proverbial frog in the frying pan, and it seems that perhaps the situation we are in is that republicans are trying to beat back the flames of progressivism with a paper cup full of water at a time. Sure, it might help–for about a second–but the flames will still consume you, just at a slightly slower pace. Seems like a losing strategy, if you ask me. Which means that, really, the republicans kind of like the fire and are mesmerized by it…which has been borne out since they won in November of 2016.

I left the Paper Cup Party back in June of 2016 because the guy they nominated was throwing gas on the fire, and had been his entire life. Trying to work within the Paper Cup Party to change it won’t work because you’ll never have enough paper cups of water to be effective if the majority of the Paper Cuppers secretly like the fire and are working to kneecap you. Sorry, I can’t participate in speeding my own demise, even it it is at a slightly slower pace.

The paradigm has to change. Cut a fireline to liberty, I say. It may not be the quickest way to deal with the problem, and it may be painful and will take time and a lot of hard work. But I believe it’s the only way to stop the advance of the fire.

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