“Access”: the new euphemism for legalized killing

Some very sad and disturbing developments regarding the new euthanasia law in Canada.

In the article below, it describes how political leaders are being approached “about modifying the law to allow family members with degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s access to the procedure.” So apparently “access” is how they’re going to frame it. Killing your relative with Alzheimer’s will become a “right”. Watch and see.


In another article (link is below this paragraph), children are in the crosshairs. Doctors are being approached “by parents about the option of seeking medically assisted death for children.” The author of the article warns, “Once a society agrees that killing is an acceptable answer to human suffering, there are few logical off ramps.” The writer continues, noting the case of the Canadian father who killed his daughter with car exhaust because she had cerebral palsy (click on link within the article). And once again, you’ll see that advocates of euthanasia frame it in terms of a nice, acceptable euphemism: “access”.


Not long ago, I watch a powerful six-part series that explained the history behind the Nazi death camps, particularly Auschwitz. Hitler began his path to genocide with a 1939 decree to euthanize mentally and physically disabled children. From there it was expanded to adults, with doctors employed to make decisions as to who would live and who would die. It was at this point they started experimenting with methods to kill large numbers of people in the most efficient manner, including gassing. Shortly thereafter, mass murder was employed to rid the Nazis of the Jews, gypsies, and anyone else deemed to be an enemy of the Third Reich.

Oh, don’t be silly, Teri. We’re a long way from that! Really? During the campaign last year, I received threats that I would be among “the first to go” for not supporting Trump. There are also documented cases of well-known people receiving threats that were far worse than what I received.

And let’s not even get started about how “access” is  the favorite euphemism for abortion and abortifacient advocates, especially in minority communities.

I think we are living in dangerous times.


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