It’s an exciting time to be a federalist these days


This is something I wrote in response to a friend’s post on Facebook regarding third party votes being “wasted”.



It’s not a wasted vote or a third party if one or the other of the major parties dissolves.

Both of the major parties are in disarray.

However, democrats always rally together in the end, just as they did in 2016 when I saw my Bernie friends reluctantly vote for Hillary. The anti-corporate Bernie faction hates the corporatist Hillary faction, though.

The GOP is another matter. A commentator on a Sunday show said there are three factions: the establishment, the conservatives, and the Trump supporters. And never the twain (or three) shall meet, as Kipling said.

Fortunately, the federalist party, started by a conservative last year, has drawn disaffected republicans, conservatives, independents, and libertarians, as well as others including democrats, with a simple message of smaller government, life, and accountability. They also want to avoid the pitfalls that other “third” parties have experienced. They seek to focus on local elections, and build from the ground up, and not shoot for the top spot with no support.

The GOP started as an upstart party in 1854 as the Whigs were deeply divided into pro- and anti- slavery factions. Lincoln didn’t join until two years later. And four years after that, we had the first republican in the White House, who won, by the way, over a divided democrat party.

And that was all without the media and communications avenues available today!

I think it’s an exciting time to be a federalist these days.


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