I was struck with great sadness today earlier while getting my coffee. I was thinking about what a crummy year 2016 was, and across my mind flitted that day in May (before the June primary) when Ted Cruz had a rally in Irvine–and it occurred to me, that was the happiest day of 2016 for me, other than when he won the Iowa caucus. Those two days were filled with the hope and promise of a return to constitutional principles, values, and liberty. The other 364 days (it was a leap year) pretty much sucked, except for family times and times spent in church either worshipping or learning more about my Savior, and personal time spent reading the bible.

I also thought about Ted Cruz continuing to prop up the PE and the republican party. And I cried. Was I as guilty of admiring a personality as much as those with whom I fought most of the year, who in a cult-like trance seemed to unquestioningly and blindly support the PE?

I don’t think so. I think I admired and supported Cruz for the principles for which he fought and his resolute leadership in not accepting a counterfeit liberty. I’m puzzled, confused and disappointed, though, by his turnabout regarding Trump and none of his statements regarding it has been satisfactory. It appears he has become one of them and is no longer the man who said, “There is no universe in which I will consent to that.” Coupled with the acceptance and near worship of Trump by many in the evangelical community, including those in leadership–indeed, the near giddiness of some…I can’t help but think of Franklin Graham’s statements that Trump was an answer to prayer–is astounding and deeply troubling.

I still stand by Cary Gordon’s “5 Steps to Political Ephiphany” as the standard we should use in evaluating our duty in voting as Christians.

I didn’t vote for either, and voted third party. My conscience is clear, but my heart is still heavy with great sadness over what has occurred. And what it portends.

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