Dark days

dark clouds cropped


My husband showed me something this morning that was pretty upsetting, so don’t read this if you don’t want to get depressed.

First, he showed me a local Facebook forum page where someone posted a video about some people in our community expressing their faith on a street corner. In response, commenters posted hateful, mocking things about these Christians, including comments about being “offended” that the Christian faith was being “shoved down their throat” by these people on the street corner expressing their First Amendment right.

Then, he showed me a clip from one of the Sunday morning shows. In this, presidential candidate #1 was mocking presidential candidate #2, saying how presidential candidate #2 was “saved”, but would “hold up his Bible”, and then “lie”. It was clear that presidential candidate #1 was not only mocking Christians, but the entire Bible, and by extension, God.

Aside from the politics, there were some deeply troubling implications. I looked up some Bible verses regarding mocking and John 15:18 jumped out at me:

 “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.”

“Ah-ha,” I said to myself. They hate us. And I think that’s the bottom line.

I remember Billy Graham’s “last message” where he said the cross offends. And it’s because people are confronted with their sin because of it. Then, I thought of the people in my own community on that public forum mocking Christians. Some other people of faith jumped in on the forum and defended the people on the street and Christianity. But I wondered, can we really reason with them if they hate us? Perhaps even more troubling were the statements by commenters of being “offended” by the Christian message by the people on the street and that it was being “shoved down their throat”. Reasonable, cogent arguments about the First Amendment didn’t seem to sway anyone. They still hate us. Yes, we’re a long way off from Roman amphitheaters with lions and Christians, or ISIS simultaneously beheading 21 Christians on an African beach…or are we?

And then I thought of a person seeking to be a leader and openly mocking everything we believe in and that person being elevated to a position of great power. I thought about how that person has said he doesn’t need forgiveness. And then I remembered how some people who are recognized leaders of evangelical churches and communities are backing him and expressing support for this person.

I believe my husband connecting these two seemingly unrelated items was spot on. And if I didn’t already know that I would never cast my vote for presidential candidate #1, this alone, solidifies that.

These are dark days and it does not portend well for Christians. Nor Jewish people, nor Israel, I would add, because we are connected.

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