Holding fast

I confess. I’m a little down. The republican party has won one.

Last year I divorced the GOP and became a registered conservative. I was fed up with the lies. Most republican candidates seem to become just conservative enough to suck conservatives into voting for them and then stab you in the back once they’ve won the election, abandoning conservatives in favor of being democrat-lites. I was sick of it. I felt battered by the republican party.

Over the last year, I’ve become more politically active because of local progressives pushing an agenda of creeping tyranny. In California, because of the top-two system, political parties don’t really matter. I joined a local arm of a group that claims to be the conservative arm of the republican party. At the time I joined, I explained that I was a registered conservative, and with a rising conservative activist as a witness to the entire conversation, was told that it was no big deal. Last night, at a meeting, I was told that being a conservative would prevent me from being able to vote to endorse conservative candidates–which was the whole reason I joined, that it was in their by-laws. When the other conservative vouched for what was said at the time of sign-up, the person in charge said, “Why would I say that?”, impugning not just my integrity, but the other conservative’s as well. Once again, I felt like I was back at the republican battered women’s shelter.

Well, just because the republican party won this round, I’m not going back to the abuser for more. It just confirms why I left in the first place. 


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