Success has a thousand fathers

Sen. Ted Cruz shows here why he’s a leader and a coalition-builder. With grace, he welcomes his critics into the fold in the effort to reverse a bad law. President Ronald Reagan famously said, “My 80 percent friend is not my 20 percent enemy.” In response to a question regarding his critics who now are sounding a lot like him, Sen. Cruz responded (@6:56):

“The great thing is, success has a thousand fathers. Failure is an orphan. I am happy for everyone in the Republican party who wants to claim success and parentage for us coming together and repealing Obamacare because it isn’t working. And the more who come together, the better chance we are going to have of actually successfully empowering the American people. If you want to expand health insurance, the way you do it is you want more choices and lower costs. What Obamacare does is provide fewer choices and higher costs. It’s great that we’re seeing so many people come on board. We welcome them all.”


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