Victories are won through the fight

Sen. Ted Cruz has withstood a lot of flak from not only the left but people in his own party for fighting what some perceive to be a losing battle, with critics yapping about his intentions being right, but his strategy being wrong. Others outright insulted him, accused him of grandstanding for political purposes, and even senators from his own chamber and his own party called him names. J. Christian Adams notes in the article below, “The Left knows victories are won through the fight.” And he should know…being more or less forced out of the DOJ for speaking the truth. Sen. Cruz has weathered the storm with grace, intelligence, and kindness unseen since the days of President Reagan. In my humble opinion, he exudes inspiring leadership that, I think, is rooted in conviction, something that Reagan had in abundance and exists only rarely today, and which Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Col. Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, Sen. Mike Lee, Rep. Michele Bachmann, and Gov. Mike Pence all exhibit.

In the following video, Sen. Cruz responds to a question about his critics noting, “Success has a thousand fathers. Failure is an orphan,” and then welcomes his critics with grace to come together and, in so many words, get rid of this bad law. Sen. Cruz says, “I’m happy for everyone who wants to claim success and parentage for us coming together and repealing Obamacare because it isn’t working.”

Sen. Ted Cruz discusses the “trade-off” behind Obamacare

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas recently spoke about not letting errors compound over time and that standing up for the right thing is always the right thing to do, even if it’s unpopular or criticized.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Thomas told Sykes that it is this belief that keeps him from getting discouraged when he writes a separate opinion in some cases that none of his colleagues—even Scalia—joins. “It took Harlan 60 years, but he finally won,” Thomas said.

This is a reference to Plessy v. Ferguson, where the Court in 1896 infamously ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment allows racially-segregated public facilities so long as they are “separate but equal.” Justice John Harlan famously dissented from Plessy, declaring that the Constitution’s amendments adopted after the Civil War were designed to eradicate such racially discriminatory laws. Thomas’ reference to 60 years later is to Brown v. Board of Education, when in 1954 the Court overruled Plessy and declared that segregated public schools are unconstitutional.

PJ Media

Ted Cruz Won

by J. Christian Adams

October 23rd, 2013 – 7:57 am

It has become clear after the government shutdown that if Obamacare isn’t destroyed now, it will be with us forever. Waiting until after a series of elections to try to kill it is a fool’s errand. There will never be more support for ending Obamacare than there will be in the next few months. Once the dependency class hooks up their Obamacare IV, it’s game over.

Let’s inventory how Texas Senator Ted Cruz won territory in the government shutdown fight.

First, the Left knows victories are won through the fight.  This is the core of the new Alinskyite model of the Left — continuous agitation, continuous fundraising, continuous energy. The fight builds support and support builds the fight.

The Cruz-led fight over the last few weeks has done the same thing for conservatives.  Cruz strengthened the fight against Obamacare because he exposed the insider D.C. establishment in a way nobody else has.  True, polls show that Americans have a lower opinion of the Republican Party after the fight.  But many of those with a lower opinion are regular conservative Americans who saw the establishment members of the GOP turn and bolt in the face of the fight.  Over two million signed a petition supporting Cruz.  That’s a heck of an email list, generated almost overnight.

Deal-making and compromise have pushed the country toward fiscal catastrophe.  Only Cruz and his supporters stood fast, and Americans noticed.


Second, now is the time to wreck Obamacare.  Some in the GOP think they can win a couple of elections over the next few years and unravel the program once the GOP gains the White House.  This ignores the shrinking attention span of the body politic.  It also ignores the fact that many in the GOP are part of the problem. The establishment GOP needs a series of inside straights even to win the seats necessary to implement this plan.  Worse, the Republican Party seems unable to grasp the ground game of the new Left.  The Left changes the narrative in the short term and ends up winning long term.   Compromise is never the game. Battles are won each day, and not deferred.

What evidence does the GOP offer to show they are likely to draw those inside electoral straights necessary to repeal Obamacare after 2016?  What makes anyone think they will win the Senate or White House? It certainly isn’t the performance in 2012 where an unpopular incumbent saddled by economic malaise crushed a Republican known for compromise and civility.

Fighters win these days, and Obama knows how to fight.


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