The Unbankable Mittness of Being

Forgive my O’Reillyesque silliness. Actually, I stopped watching him months ago because I got sick of his bloviating self-promotion, and more importantly, his woefully uninformed commentary on various subjects including religion in general, Christianity in particular, and constant sniping at the tea party.

It’s really not a big deal, but it made me feel better. I thought of this while pondering Rick Santorum suspending his presidential campaign and after reading Robert Stacy McCain’s excellent article (link below).  Now I’ve always been a Bachmann supporter, but after Michelle Malkin endorsed Santorum, while noting his flaws, I decided if he was good enough for Malkin, he was good enough for me, figuring if he went all big government on us, Malkin would make him pay. Anyway, I wrote this in response to Robert Stacy McCain’s outstanding article regarding Fox being in the tank for Romney, how delegate numbers for Romney have been blown out of proportion and misrepresented, Newt’s ego, and how most assuredly Romney will lose in November. As McCain says, “Mitt makes Bob Dole and John McCain look like unbeatable juggernauts by comparison.” Please read McCain’s entire article. You won’t regret it…and follow his blog, The Other McCain, if you want to remain sane as we all watch the GOP implode over the next few months.



There once was a candidate Mitt,

who the GOP establishment said was It.

He pandered severely,

but in the end, voters merely

Etch-A-Sketched his ass, to wit.



Like I said, it’s no big deal, but it makes me feel better. I’ve felt for a long time that Mitt was not the guy, that he was a big mistake, largely because of Romneycare. And what do you know? Today, Obama cheers the signing of Romneycare. Voters who continue to ignore this great big huge elephant in the room deserve to be squashed by it when it sits on them. Romney is a top-down, mandate-loving, big government solutions guy. How is that different than Obama? The fact is the Republican establishment, or elites, or whatever you want to call them, have shoved Romney down our throats which clearly demonstrates their foolishness, and more importantly, results in us not having a choice. There is no difference between Obama and Romney–you will get exactly the same thing…which also goes along with what I’ve been saying for some time…that there is little difference between Republicans and Democrats anymore. Every time there’s a ceiling hike, enough Republicans go along with it. Every time there’s a tax hike, enough Republicans go along with it and so on. (There was a good article recently documenting this…I’ll try and find it and post the link here.)  Some have even written that the Republican party, which seems unwilling to stand for anything anymore for fear of having to take some heat, is destined to go the way of the Whig party. I agree.  (I will post that link, too, shortly.)

I still believe that Michele Bachmann could have been the one to carry the banner to victory. She could have debated Obama ably. She’s a true conservative (there was that one little thing with the farm subsidy, but compared to all the rest of the candidates, that was peanuts). She’s smart, savvy, well spoken, informed. And yes, as a woman, the Republican party could have said, “See, the GOP isn’t the same old thing it’s always been.” (We have smartphones! We do social media!) But not surprisingly, the party establishment cut her off at the knees. Damn Palin, the Quitter. Damn DeMint and all the rest who could have made a difference. But apparently, the Republican party is the same old thing it’s always been. Such a shame…because it’s going down in flames on November 6th.

I would have voted for Santorum had he been the nominee, but will now write in Bachmann–because it doesn’t matter if either Obama or Romney wins.






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